Who will be utilizing rabbit transport cages

rabbit transport cages

Well, the obvious answer to that question would have been for all those who have rabbits and do quite a bit of travelling during the course of their day or year. But not many average rabbit owners go about traveling with their bunnies during the normal course of their lives now do they. While they travel to and from work, or travel across country on business or to visit long lost loved ones during festive times of the year, the poor bunnies have to stay behind, whether entrusted in the care of kindly neighbors or sent off to the nearby pet motel.

But on the average, there are not too many pet motels about these days and ironically, you’d have to travel quite far to reach them. Now, as to those who need to utilize rabbit transport cages, they might not be your average folk after all. Come to think of it, while they are exceptional human beings (for having rabbits as pets is one good reason), they are not very different from you or us. The fact that we all love animals is about as close as we come to being similar. A good vet is always going to need a specially built bunny cage.

So too, the beauty parlor owner. Both these folks are exceptional. You do not need to do the offloading of your pet carriage, they’ll bring back your rabbits squeaky clean and as brand as new. A little old lady who just happens to have a thing for rabbits will have the need for a specially built rabbit cage for carrying. The cage is lightweight and durable, making it possible for the old lady to manage well enough so that her poor old shoulders don’t get all sore and stiff in the process.

Good family folk like you will always have a need for a solid rabbit transport cage. On your annual vacation you like to take what is known as family friendly holidays. You’ll be off camping or out in the wild. Take your bunny with so he can reconnect with his roots, carrots and all. And just for visiting family across the country, the rabbit cage is perfect. Cage is small enough and rabbit is quiet enough so as not to bother a soul.

You do not even have to worry about those well-meaning souls who only want to pat the little rabbit on its back, not understanding that they still need to be trained in the art of pampering so as not to frighten the little creatures or do any harm to their vulnerable frames, bearing in mind that there’s nowhere they can run to to escape when confined to the cage. Fortunately, they are safe as houses in the cages because they are protected with wire mesh which even they cannot chew through.

Those of you that don’t have a rabbit yet, maybe you should try a pet hamster, just for good practice.